Services are available in-home for an additional travel fee and you may select either Sunflower or Coconut oil for your session.

Abhyanga Oil Massage

A nourishing, grounding massage that uses warm oil all over the body. This treatment promotes lymphatic movement, joint lubrication and relaxation.

60 minutes – $115, 90 minutes – $150

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

This treatment utilizes deeper pressure to relieve tension and adhesions in the body. This is a great option when dealing with pain and specific problem areas in the body.

60 minutes – $100, 90 minutes – $145

Swedish Massage

A full body massage using long strokes and light to medium pressure. A great option to relax and nourish the body and mind.

60 minutes – $90, 90 minutes – $125

Custom Therapeutic Massage

A session tailored to suit your needs. This can be a combination of deep tissue, Ayurvedic Abhyanga, stretching and Swedish.

60 minutes – $100, 90 minutes – $145


Add this service on to any of the above massages for focus on pressure points on the feet and hands.

15 minutes – $25

Body Scrub

Add this rejuvenating, exfoliating body scrub on to any massage to feel refreshed and have radiant skin.

15 minutes – $25

Group bookings available upon request. Travel & Service fee will be included and prices may differ.