Private Yoga Sessions

A private yoga session allows for an individualized class, where the practice is designed to cater to your particular needs or interests. One-on-one yoga sessions offer a safe space for students to build a deeper connection with their body, breath and mind.

I have worked one-on-one with clients in a private physical therapy clinic with low-back and neck pain. Yoga has been transformation in their healing process. Working one-on-one is extremely beneficial to develop your practice and with over 300 hours of experience teaching private yoga, I have witnessed many individuals grow and experience new freedom in their bodies and minds.

Some reasons a private session may appeal to you include:

  • You are new to yoga
  • You want to learn the basics before going to classes
  • You have a special medical condition or pain
  • You want to work on a specific posture
  • You want to learn breathing exercises
  • You have interest in meditation
  • You wish to learn correct alignment
  • You want detailed feedback and adjustments in postures
  • You want help in building a home practice

I am currently available for private sessions in the Santa Cruz area.


  • Asana $80/hr
  • Pranayama & Meditation $60/hr

Please contact me for more information and a free initial consultation.

*Group private sessions and class packages available. Sliding scale fees available.