Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a perfect complement to yoga. Massage can help release tension stored in the body and promote deep relaxation. Chronic pain, depression, stress and many other conditions can find relief with massage. I take an integrative approach to massage therapy, deeply listening to the client’s needs and desires. I draw techniques and theory from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point & Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, & Ayurvedic massage. Massage sessions allow for a safe, relaxing space where balance and prana, or life force, is restored.

I understand how it feels to be in pain, as I have experienced episodes of chronic physical over the years. Therapeutic massage and yoga has been profound in my healing process. I feel more alive in my body and more at peace with myself. It’s my wish to provide relief from suffering for my clients. Through massage, old patterns and emotions that have been stuck in the body can be released. Freeing tension and stress from the body and mind, massage can bring balance to the whole system and elicit a deeper sense of peace.

Be kind to yourself, and make self-care of body, mind and spirit a priority.